Natural Hop Oils

Totally Natural Solutions are specialists in the extraction of natural hop aromas and flavours.

The HopInspiration range offers brewers natural hop extracts for late and dry hopping, to complement or replace the use of hop cones and pellets. Bittering extracts and specialist natural botanical extracts for brewing application are also available.

Our hop products ensure flavour consistency, and deliver intense, hoppy aroma in a convenient and reproducible way, improving efficiency and giving cost savings.

Made using the highest quality hop cones, produced without the use of solvents or addition of flavour boosting chemical, they offer a totally natural solution for late and dry hop additions.

These volatile oils are essential in providing the recognisable characteristics of every beer. Our global patented methods ensure all flavour and aroma-rich oils are preserved.

Totally Natural Solutions offers the right solutions for Homebrew, Craft and Industrial Brewers. 

Situated in Kent, distributed globally.




HopInspiration® Range

The range of hop extracts are added post fermentation to the beer stream to deliver consistent , intense hop aroma and flavour and can be used to complement or replace hop pellets.

Easy to use and reproducible offering a strategic tool for innovative craft brewers.


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