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The Craft Beer sector is without doubt the fastest growing and most innovative sector of today’s international beer market. Totally Natural Solutions can provide a range of custom made, all natural hop extracts to meet the specific needs of craft brewers.

Craft Beer Knowledge

Our understanding and respect for traditional brewing methods, coupled with knowledge and appreciation of the craft beer sector enables our team to blend natural hop aromas and flavours to delight a new generation of beer brewers and drinkers. From attending international craft beer conferences and festivals, to meeting with craft brewers and visiting our local tap rooms, our team stays on top of the latest developments and trends in this rapidly changing brewing sector.

Ease of Use

Our range is designed with ease of use and reproduction in mind, and our extracts do not require exact weighing and measuring to match various brew sizes. Our products provide a strategic problem solving tool for innovative craft brewing. Totally Natural Solutions use innovative technology to extract the essential characteristic of each hop cone, and offers flexible range of products to brewers of all sizes.  

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