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The HopInspiration® Range

The HopInspiration® range, combines a selection of over 150 natural hop extracts for late hop, dry hop and bittering replacement, offering a range of benefits to the brewer in reducing dry hop beer loss, delivering intense hop aroma, stable natural flavour and consistency while offering a cost effective solution.

During traditional methods of brewing, some of the key volatile components of aroma and flavour can be lost.  Totally Natural Solutions use the highest quality hop cones and pellets to maximise the retention of hop oil volatile components with low temperature and pressure extractions and to retain the intensity of the hop aroma and flavours.  

Find further information in our Product Guide here

Totally Natural Solutions® products are 100% derived from hops and provide natural hop flavouring conforming with (EC)1334/2008 and US FDA regulation 21CFR582.20. We are Kosher certified and ISO9001 certified.


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