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Why use hop extracts?

Why use Hop Extracts?


Totally Natural Solutions creates Hop oil extracts that are created from natural hop cones, offering replacement of pellets as a variety of natural aromas and flavours. Simple and easy to use as an alternative to more traditional methods, supplying solutions to solve your brewing needs regardless of beer style

  • Highly concentrated hop oil extracts designed for premium natural hop aroma and flavour
  • Continually working with brewers to make “hopping” easier, consistent, flexible, and more sustainable.
  • Tuneable products using our developed fractionation technique
  • Priding ourselves on the highest quality of products we produce for our customers.


Our Hop Oil process retains the quality of aroma and flavour profiles from natural hop varieties.  No chemical solvents or additives are involved.

What the benefits are:


  • Reduce Beer Losses

A fully soluble liquid natural hop extract minimises beer loss and cleaning. Increases production capacity and offers substantial savings.

HopInspiration® products can be used as a partial replacement or a full replacement of kettle, whirlpool, and dry-hop additions.


  • Improve Beer Flavour Stability

Low concentrations of staling aldehydes mean stable bitterness and aroma profiles are retained.


  • Save on Storage and Transport

Hop extracts are highly concentrated so concentrated liquid volume rather than bulky storage. Reduced transports costs (image of lorry – happy)


  • No nasty pesticide residue

Our Hops are sourced from approved suppliers, with strict quality and pesticide residues standards


Discover more about our HopInspiration® Range.

HopInspiration® natural oils and extracts provide a wide range of hop functionality across lager, IPA, NEIPA and zero alcohol beer styles.