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Why use natural hop extracts?

Hops provide bittering, flavour and aroma and many benefits to the brewer, but can be bulky to store and transport. Choose a more sustainable option and reduce hop waste and beer loss.

Hop oil extracts are made from whole cone hops and offer full or partial replacement of pellets as a range of natural hop aromas and flavours that are easy to use as an alternative to traditional kettle additions of hop, to provide brewing supply solutions to any beer style

  • Highly concentrated hop oil extracts designed for premium natural hop aroma and flavour
  • Developed with brewers to make “hopping” easier, more consistent and flexible
  • No use of solvents
  • Tuneable fractionation technique
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we produce
The process retains the quality of aroma and flavour profiles from hop cones.  No chemical solvents or additives are involved.

Reduce Beer Losses

A fully soluble liquid natural hop extract minimises beer loss and cleaning and in turn, increases production capacity and offers substantial savings.  HopInspiration® products can be used as a partial replacement or a full replacement of kettle, whirlpool, and dry-hop additions.

Improve Beer Flavour Stability

Stable bitterness and aroma profiles due to low concentrations of staling aldehydes

Save on Storage and Transport

Make efficient use of storage space and reduce transport costs. Hop extracts are highly concentrated so only a small amount is required

No nasty pesticide residue

Hops are sourced from approved suppliers with strict quality and pesticide residues standards


Naturally, totally committed

HopInspiration® demonstrates a solid commitment to research and development using the finest natural hops

Totally Natural Solutions offers you:

  • Innovative hop aroma and flavour profiles
  • Solvent free extraction technologies
  • Development laboratory services
  • Commitment to the best beer experience
  • Respect for the environment

Find out here how our model can benefit you…

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