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About us

Our ultimate vision is to revolutionise the brewing industry and rid the world of uninspiring beer by empowering master brewers to push the boundaries of what’s possible with our high-quality, natural, and sustainable ingredients. We aim to inspire a new era of brewing excellence that embraces efficiency, consistency, and sustainability as core values while delivering unforgettable stand-out brews that enhance the beer-drinking experience.

Our Vision
We want to lead liquid hop innovation.
Our Mission
To work together with customers to create truly unique and unforgettable products that are cost-effective, sustainable and embody the spirit of beyond brewing boundaries.

Our Values

We are:
We embrace all that’s geeky in hops and beer and enjoy the challenge of overcoming obstacles to break new ground with creative solutions and persistence. Our goal is fuelled by an unyielding desire to discover what lies beyond the boundaries of modern liquid hop capabilities.
Our foundation is built on a passion for brewing and a desire to create great-tasting beers. But our passion also extends beyond our products. We are passionate about sustainability and ethical sourcing and committed to working closely with hop farmers and other industry leaders to drive change.
Innovation is more than just developing new products - it’s also about fostering a culture of collaboration. We encourage our team to challenge conventional thinking and actively seek partnerships with breweries and other industry leaders to drive progress and innovation.
With teamwork at the heart of TNS we strive to continuously operate with integrity, openness, and dependability to build trust and foster a collaborative relationship with our customers. Working closely with them to understand their unique needs and challenges, offering support and expertise on their brewing journey and driving progress and innovation in the brewing industry.

When we set up a new liquid hop business 10 years ago, making high-value natural extracts for craft brewers, people thought we were crazy. At that time, we saw that craft brewing would need high-quality hops in liquid form to improve its consistency, its flexibility and ultimately become a serious competitive force in brewing. Our HopInspiration® range has since become the go-to for brewers globally looking for quality, technical support and fun in creating the very best craft beer.

Colin Wilson

Owner/Founder | Totally Natural Solutions

Meet the Commercial Team

Karen Allnutt
Business Development Manager | Totally Natural Solutions
Breeze Outhwaite
Senior Innovation Scientist | Totally Natural Solutions
Craig Cooper
Regional Sales Manager | Totally Natural Solutions
Dave Hall
Technical Sales Manager | Totally Natural Solutions
Dr. Pedro Oliveira
Technical Director | Totally Natural Solutions
Darryl Mills
Brewing Specialist | Totally Natural Solutions
Abbey Symes
Hop Application Technologist | Totally Natural Solutions
Gillian Fisher
Sensory Manager | Totally Natural Solutions