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Totally natural solutions

Brew Beyond Boundaries

Discover the true hop potential of your beer with our natural
liquid hop extracts.

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What is HopInspiration®

Our HopInspiration® range is 100% natural with no solvents or artificial additives. They are hop pellets in liquid form that delivers a true-to-type hop experience.
  • A 100% natural

    We’ve captured the delicate essential oils that give hops their unique aroma and taste without unwanted by-products or residues, preserving the essence of the hop in liquid form. 100% natural true-to-type hop with an unmatched intensity that will take your beer to the next level.

  • Full flavour, less waste
    and more beer

    Unlike dry hop or whirlpool editions of hop pellets or cones, hop oils do not absorb beer. They are fully soluble, so no beer loss and zero sediments are left behind. Boost your margins with better yields and lower waste without compromising the quality of the beer flavour.

  • Driving change for a
    more sustainable future

    Using liquid hop oils is a sustainable choice for brewers looking to reduce waste, lower their carbon footprint, and preserve natural resources.

Are you ready for the new era of brewing?

Explore the HopInspiration® range

Whether you’re looking to add flavour, intensity, and aroma, add complexity or improve balance, we have a natural hop product that can help.

If you’re a major brewer looking to streamline operations, an industry giant serving beverages on the global market, or even just a hip local microbrewery, the TNS team can help find your perfect match.

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    Take your brewing to the next level

    A new brewing era has begun, and here at TNS, we’re leading the way. We’ve been at the forefront of liquid hops research and development for over a decade. With one mission, to push the boundaries of brewing!

    We’re committed to creating more efficient, sustainable, and creative brewing solutions, from researching new hop varieties to perfecting extraction methods for maximum aroma and intensity, because we believe every brewer should have access to the latest tools, technologies, and support necessary to push the boundaries and create truly unforgettable beer.

    Find out how to unleash your creativity and craft stellar, one-of-a-kind brews with our liquid hop extracts. Whether you want to develop the next big thing or improve your current processes, our team of experts can collaborate to integrate the most cutting-edge advancements in flavour and processes to your brewhouse.

    The benefits are clear

    • Unlimited flexibility in the brewing process
    • 100% true-to-type hop experience delivered consistently throughout the year.
    • Unmatched flavour intensity - compared to hop pellets
    • Less beer loss
    • No hop creep during dry hopping
    • Substantially reduced transport and storage costs
    Unleash a world of new flavours and aromas with our 100% natural liquid hop oils!

    Beers brewed using HopInspiration®

    Taste the beer

    We’ve had great results since we’ve started working with TNS and their HopPlus® extracts. The team are quick and willing to assist, even developing the new HopPlus® Peach product off the back of our enquiry. The products themselves deliver ‘true to type’ fruit aromas of a level we’ve struggled to find elsewhere, along with an always welcome boost to the hop character of our beer and water products.

    Brian Dickson

    Founder/Technical Director

    The beer ended up very good! First, it was very hoppy. like insane hoppy! After a few days it got more and more "settled" in the beer. After fermentation we did the dry hop additions, and the took some time to "settle" at this point as well. It’s like it needs a couple of days before you can see (smell/taste) the actual potential. When we first tried it in the BBT it was a bit raw, but after a few days it ended up very well. Super easy to use, and a fun product to play around with.

    Bjarte Halvorsen

    Brewmaster / CEO Salikatt Bryggeri

    Not only do their extracts make delicious beer, but their customer service and support are also amazing. Very prompt to reply and offer lots of friendly advice. We used some of their apricot extract in our Summer Chug, and it has been going down phenomenally, as per this review from Untapped: "Light, fruity, smashable."

    Jacob Liddle

    Founder of Jiddler's Tipple

    With an ever-growing demand for innovative beverages in the NOLO market, Totally Natural Solutions has been instrumental in helping us fast-track the development of a range of interesting and ever-changing beers and RTD products.


    Mash Gang

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