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Totally Natural Solutions have created the HopInspiration range of natural hop aromas and flavours as an easy to use alternative to traditional kettle additions of hop.  Our hop extracts offer innovative brewing, minimal beer losses and improved flavour consistency.

Our patented green extraction technology has allowed us to develop a range of natural late hop flavours and dry hop aromas for any beer style. Inspired to improve on traditional hop processing methods our solvent free processes ensure key volatile components of hop aroma and flavour are not lost during extraction, providing true to type hop character from an extract.

Used post fermentation, addition to the wort stream will enhance the beer flavour stability and the intensity of hop bitterness, aroma and flavour. 

Totally Natural Solutions has its own manufacturing site and laboratory offering contract hop analysis and collaborative R&D projects to brewers. With an extensive supply chain from growing regions around the world, Totally Natural Solutions offers its' HopInspiration range from most commercially grown hop varieties.



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