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TNS Excels at the 15th Trends in Brewing 2023

Posted: June 19, 2023

TNS Excels at the 15th Trends in Brewing 2023: An Unforgettable Event

We are thrilled to share our experience from the 15th Trends in Brewing event at the KU Leuven Technology campus in Gent.

We were honoured to have our lectures accepted by the scientific committee and have them met with enthusiasm from the audience. Dr Pedro Oliveira, our Technical Director, delivered one of our key presentations. Dr Oliveira delved into the world of advanced hop products designed for sustainable brewing. He expertly explained how these products can enhance the taste and aroma of various beer styles. The audience was captivated as he showcased different application examples, demonstrating how our advanced liquid hop extracts can optimise hop efficiency, reduce beer losses, and improve brewing. The possibilities were endless, from differentiating lager wort streams to enhancing speciality styles and even modulating wort sweetness in no-alcohol beers.

Breeze Outhwaite, our Development Chemist, presented an insightful lecture comparing the effects of dry hopping with liquid hop extracts versus pellets. Providing cost-savings calculator simulations, highlighting the economic advantages of using liquid hop extracts in brewing.

Furthermore, we were excited to present a poster showcasing a successful business case study with The Island Brewery. Our Hop Application Technologist, Abbey Symes, expertly demonstrated how our advanced hop oils contributed to an award-winning beer. The poster impressed attendees and highlighted a brewing approach that effectively utilised these oils.

What were the trends?

A significant trend that emerged from the event was the validation of liquid hops as the future of brewing. We are thrilled to witness the development of hybrid brews, combining the best qualities of pellets and liquid solutions. This trend emphasises the potential of using liquid hop oils in brewing processes to achieve remarkable results.

We took great pride in offering Lager + HULU versus Lager + ISO on the hops day, allowing attendees to experience and compare different beer styles. Lager + HULU received rave reviews as a credible lager style, generating immense interest for its potential in low or no-alcohol applications.

Beyond the insightful lectures and engaging discussions, Trends in Brewing provided an exceptional platform for brewers, researchers, partners, and customers to connect and exchange insights. We relished collaborating, discussing the latest brewing technologies, and exploring global trends with our industry peers.

We are eagerly anticipating the next Trends in Brewing event in 2025, set to take place in Leuven, Belgium. The event promises to be even more enlightening and inspiring as we build upon shared knowledge and experience.

Appreciating the art of brewing

During the event, we went on some amazing technical visits. We had the opportunity to explore the fascinating culture and history of Belgian breweries and sample traditional kriek Belgian styles and sour beers aged up to 20 years. This was an incredible experience that truly enhanced our appreciation for the art of brewing.

The 15th Trends in Brewing event was a great success, demonstrating TNS’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the brewing industry. We are proud to have been part of this respected gathering and look forward to continuing to lead the way in brewing beyond boundaries.

Cheers to the next Trends in Brewing event in 2025!