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TNS Excels at the 15th Trends in Brewing 2023: An Unforgettable Event

We are thrilled to share our experience from the 15th Trends in Brewing event at the KU Leuven Technology campus in Gent.

We were honoured to have our lectures accepted by the scientific committee and have them met with enthusiasm from the audience. Dr Pedro Oliveira, our Technical Director, delivered one of our key presentations. Dr Oliveira delved into the world of advanced hop products designed for sustainable brewing. He expertly explained how these products can enhance the taste and aroma of various beer styles. The audience was captivated as he showcased different application examples, demonstrating how our advanced liquid hop extracts can optimise hop efficiency, reduce beer losses, and improve brewing. The possibilities were endless, from differentiating lager wort streams to enhancing speciality styles and even modulating wort sweetness in no-alcohol beers.

Breeze Outhwaite, our Development Chemist, presented an insightful lecture comparing the effects of dry hopping with liquid hop extracts versus pellets. Providing cost-savings calculator simulations, highlighting the economic advantages of using liquid hop extracts in brewing.

Furthermore, we were excited to present a poster showcasing a successful business case study with The Island Brewery. Our Hop Application Technologist, Abbey Symes, expertly demonstrated how our advanced hop oils contributed to an award-winning beer. The poster impressed attendees and highlighted a brewing approach that effectively utilised these oils.

What were the trends?

A significant trend that emerged from the event was the validation of liquid hops as the future of brewing. We are thrilled to witness the development of hybrid brews, combining the best qualities of pellets and liquid solutions. This trend emphasises the potential of using liquid hop oils in brewing processes to achieve remarkable results.

We took great pride in offering Lager + HULU versus Lager + ISO on the hops day, allowing attendees to experience and compare different beer styles. Lager + HULU received rave reviews as a credible lager style, generating immense interest for its potential in low or no-alcohol applications.

Beyond the insightful lectures and engaging discussions, Trends in Brewing provided an exceptional platform for brewers, researchers, partners, and customers to connect and exchange insights. We relished collaborating, discussing the latest brewing technologies, and exploring global trends with our industry peers.

We are eagerly anticipating the next Trends in Brewing event in 2025, set to take place in Leuven, Belgium. The event promises to be even more enlightening and inspiring as we build upon shared knowledge and experience.

Appreciating the art of brewing

During the event, we went on some amazing technical visits. We had the opportunity to explore the fascinating culture and history of Belgian breweries and sample traditional kriek Belgian styles and sour beers aged up to 20 years. This was an incredible experience that truly enhanced our appreciation for the art of brewing.

The 15th Trends in Brewing event was a great success, demonstrating TNS’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the brewing industry. We are proud to have been part of this respected gathering and look forward to continuing to lead the way in brewing beyond boundaries.

Cheers to the next Trends in Brewing event in 2025!

Revolutionizing Brewing: Unveiling Natural Bittering Products for Clean Label Applications through Innovative Processing

At TNS, we have been at the forefront of innovation in hop processing for the past decade. Our focus has always been on maximising the potential of hops in the brewing process. Not only have we pushed the boundaries of hop oil processing, but we have also delved into the production of bittering products. We are excited to introduce two new natural bittering products ideal for clean label applications: HopAlpha Niso 25% and HopBeta Hulu 20%.

Recognising the need for natural, clean-label bittering products for post-fermentation addition, we set out to develop solutions that align with the evolving demands of the brewing industry. While industry-standard processing methods for post-fermentation bittering products involve metal catalysts or harsh chemical processes, we sought to create alternatives that emulate the natural kettle hop bittering additions. The desire for natural claims is also rising as the brewing industry strives for greater efficiency and adopts hop products over traditional methods. TNS and our dedicated R&D team embraced this challenge, leading to the development of the first two naturally produced hop-bittering products.

HopAlpha Niso 25%:

HopAlpha Niso 25% results from our efforts to improve the efficiency of alpha acid isomerisation during kettle bittering. Only around 30% of conversion to iso-alpha acids occurs naturally. However, our proprietary techniques enhanced this efficiency and isolated the alpha acids from other hop components without metal catalysts. The result is a clean and crisp bitterness that does not linger on the palate, making it more session-able for drinkers. Furthermore, the natural claim associated with HopAlpha Niso 25% is particularly beneficial in Low/No alcohol applications where labelling guidelines are stricter. It can be labelled as a “natural hop flavouring” in such products, further enhancing its appeal.

HopBeta Hulu 20%:

HopBeta Hulu 20% draws inspiration from the traditional use of hulupones by Belgian brewers in lambic beers. Through the ageing of hops, the alpha acids oxidise into degraded products that do not produce light-struck flavours after brewing. An interesting by-product of this ageing process is the oxidation of beta acids into hulupones, contributing to a sessionable bitterness in these beers. Leveraging this natural oxidation process, our team at TNS has created HopBeta Hulu 20%; a post-fermentation added bittering product. Standardised for accurate bitterness unit (BU) additions, HopBeta Hulu 20% offers a softer and more complex bitterness than Iso alpha acids, providing brewers with a unique and natural bittering option. Additionally, it allows brewers of No/Low beer to achieve natural labelling while enhancing the overall flavour profile.

We are excited to announce that HopAlpha Niso 25% and HopBeta Hulu 20% are available now. These innovative bittering products offer brewers a natural and clean-label option and provide unique flavour profiles that can enhance a wide range of beer styles. At TNS, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and will continue exploring new methods to maximise the potential of hops in brewing. Join us on this journey and unlock the possibilities of natural bittering products for your brewing creations.
Contact our team today for more information and to explore how our innovative hop processing can elevate your brewing process. Cheers to the future of brewing with natural and clean-label bittering products from TNS.

Crafting Positive Vibrations:

Good Karma Beer Co’s journey to an Alcohol-Free NEIPA with HopInspiration® from Totally Natural Solutions

In the realm of craft beer, innovation knows no bounds. Brewers constantly seek new ways to push the boundaries of flavour, and in recent years, the rise of alcohol-free beers has opened a whole new world of possibilities and challenges.

Kent-based brewery Good Karma Beer Co. embarked on a quest to create an alcohol-free New England India Pale Ale (NEIPA), a style known for its juicy, hazy, and aromatic characteristics. Their chosen solution? Harnessing the power of Totally Natural Solutions’ liquid hop oils, resulting in the creation of their acclaimed alcohol-free NEIPA, Positive Vibrations.

The Challenge: Crafting an Alcohol-Free NEIPA
Creating an alcohol-free NEIPA that captures all the haze, mouthfeel, juicy flavours, and vibrant aromas without compromising flavour presented a significant challenge for Good Karma Beer Co. Hops play a crucial role in providing the distinct hop-forward profile of a NEIPA. Still, traditional methods relied heavily on fermentation, inevitably resulting in alcohol production. Good Karma Beer Co. was determined to find an alternative solution to deliver an exceptional alcohol-free NEIPA experience.

The Solution: Unleashing the Power of Totally Natural Solutions liquid hop oils.
Good Karma Beer Co. discovered our cutting-edge hop oil technologies in their quest for innovation. Our hop oils from the HopInspiration® range presented a transformative opportunity. They decided to explore the functionality of HopZero®, a range of hop oils that unlock the true potential of alcohol-free beers. By also incorporating HopBurst® (liquid dry hop), HopPlus® (fruit forward hop oils), and HopGain® (functional hop products) in combination, they were able to add the fruity, tropical, and citrus notes characteristic of NEIPAs, creating a beer that transported drinkers to the realm of a traditional NEIPA without the alcohol content.

The Result: Positive Vibrations – A Revelation in Alcohol-Free Craft Beer
Good Karma Beer Co’s pursuit of an alcohol-free NEIPA resulted in the creation of Positive Vibrations. Crafted using a blend of HopBurst®, HopPlus®, HopZero®, and HopGain®, this beer quickly garnered attention and praise. Earning a coveted spot on The Independent’s prestigious list of top 11 non-alcoholic beers to try in 2022.

The accolades were well-deserved, as Positive Vibrations captured all the elements that make NEIPAs so loved among beer enthusiasts. With its hazy appearance, velvety mouthfeel, and a symphony of fruity, tropical, and citrus notes, Good Karma Beer Co. created an alcohol-free NEIPA that was true to style and brimming with flavour. The inclusion of Totally Natural Solutions’ Hop Oils played a vital role in achieving this feat, providing the aromatic intensity and complexity that set Positive Vibrations apart.

In the words of Good Karma Beer Co, “It’s all the haze, all the mouthfeel, all the juice and aroma without the alcohol. With fruity, tropical, and citrus notes.” Positive Vibrations represents a breakthrough in alcohol-free brewing, demonstrating that craft beer enthusiasts can indulge in their favourite styles without the alcohol.

Good Karma Beer Co.’s journey to craft an alcohol-free NEIPA showcases the limitless possibilities of innovation in the craft beer industry. By harnessing the power of Totally Natural Solutions’ HopInspiration® range of liquid hop oils, they successfully created Positive Vibrations, an exceptional alcohol-free NEIPA that captured the true essence of the style. This achievement opens the door to new horizons, proving that beer enthusiasts can enjoy the flavours and characteristics they love without compromise. The collaboration between Good Karma Beer Co. and Totally Natural Solutions is a remarkable example of forward-thinking brewers pushing boundaries whilst crafting stand-out beers.